Really? Really…

One of the fantastic parts of being pregnant is that everyone wants to ask awkward questions. There’s quite a few actually, but my personal favorite?

“So, were you guys planning this?”

Really? Really really? I mean, what do you say to that? Maybe I’m just a prude but we better be good friends if you expect to get more than a vague “oh, you know…” (Oh, and FYI: don’t ask me so that you can gauge the level of our relationship by my response.)

The question in itself is a funny one because it implies several things; that there is a time you arrive at that is convenient for having children, or that you should have a different response to the pregnancy depending on whether or not it was planned. Here’s the deal people: there is never a convenient time to have children. You most likely will not arrive at a time in your life where you wake up one morning and think to yourself,

“I’d like to experience sleep-deprivation in amassed quantities!”


“I’d like to discover how selfish of a sorry-ass human I really am.”

“Perfect, now we finally have enough money and time.”

Come to think of it, not even Sweet Baby Jesus himself would have been born if children had to be born at a convenient time. I mean seriously, an unmarried peasant girl? I’ll bet the whole issue of convenience occurred to her once or twice.

My point is this, seize the day–that combination of DNA is only going to come around once in this eternity. Just kidding. No, my point is only that children are awesome and nothing less than a divine blessing. Their unabashed connection to their own humanity is the key to revealing ours. It’s only the times I sink the lowest that I find myself on my knees.