having the time of my life

although, if I was a cat I would certainly be saying “lives” because i’ve probably cashed in a few on this trip.

I have chased many pigeons with Violet,

listened to a gospel choir in Times Square,

crammed on to many a subway,

cried at the holocaust museum,

danced with AJ on a street,

taken many many pictures,

fallen asleep on the bus,

eaten good food…and bad,

been temporarily homeless twice,

noticed we were the only white people around,



ordered a hotdog from a vendor in NY,

had every dog pointed out to me by Violet,

slept on small beds with two other people–one very small and squirmy,

been woken up by a cat,

missed meals,

had extra meals,

walked miles and miles and miles,

missed busses, boats, and subways,

looked up inside the statue of liberty,

tried to see the president in his house,

had blisters,

washed clothes in the tub and ironed them dry,

said “I’m sorry” alot,

am incredibly grateful for AJ,

and Violet,

and life.