in DC

Hey, quick post here.
we’re in DC for day 3. It’s raining right now and we’ve taken refuge at the house of our couchsurfing hosts to drop off a bag and get dry and oriented. I don’t have a way to post pictures right now, but I have some great ones; including one of me eating a half-smoke at ben’s chili bowl–only one of the most iconic places to eat here in DC. Violet is a tough old bird and is taking everything in stride although she hates her stroller and hates museum tours even more. fun!
We’re heading out to the national mall in a couple of minutes to go see the air and space museum and some others.
We spent the last two nights at a bed and breakfast up around Dupont circle and now we’re at a couchsurfer’s place on capital hill somewhere. Everyone is super nice here and people actually make eye contact as they pass each other on the street, which is almost completely unheard of in Seattle.
one last thing: our hosts have 4 dogs. that’s right. 4 big dogs. they are all very interested in Violet and follow us around like a gaggle of little girls.
FYI, i’m not going to spell check or proof read 🙂


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