Some things should be more important.

First, here are a few pictures from today of Violet being Violet (read adorable and persnickety).


We were at a store that rhymes with Foam Teapot. Actually, it rhymes with Comb Repo, but the thought of a collector trying to repo a comb is…ridiculous. Foam Teapot it is. Violet being Violet did not want to be held or strapped into a stroller; all she wanted to do was walk around in her new shoes and admire the “giant tractors”…or lawnmowers–whatever.


Bear with me here, I had to use a cell-phone camera. Either way, this is still completely adorable. It’s pretty hard to remember how…persnickety she can be when she’s sleeping like an angel.

One thing I’m constantly thankful for now that I’m a mom is the simple blessing of always being able to keep Violet fed, clothed, and loved. Many many mother’s all over the world do not have this luxury and are living out a parent’s worst nightmare; watching your child die before your eyes through the ravages of disease, malnutrition, war, or simply poverty.

The issue of world hunger is a daunting one. So much so that any efforts of one person can feel futile and hopeless. That’s why we sponsor children. The immediate and measurable impact you can have on a child and their whole family is almost selfishly gratifying. So here we go, I’m not going to talk about starving babies covered in flies and tell you to call an 800 number. I’m going to talk about hope. Hope for children and their parents. Give a gift to one parent; one mother, one father. Start sponsoring a child today. You don’t have an excuse if you live in America. You’ve already won the cosmic lottery that says that you can take care for your loved ones if you need to.

We sponsor children through two of the following organizations, and donate through the other one for things like goats for a village and so forth. I’m not saying this so that you will think I’m rich or that I’m tooting my own horn, but so that you can be challenged to change lives forever.

Compassion International

Childcare Worldwide

World Vision

get to it people.