“world famous” goat trick

There’s a farm near our house the sells fruits and vegetables and they have a petting farm. They have a sign on the side of the road that advertises their “World Famous Goat Trick” so we decided to stop by today to show Violet the goats.

I took a very grainy and dark video with my cell phone so you could see, but since it’s so bad, i’ll describe what happens after you watch the video.

Anyway, there’s a pygmy goat that climbs the stairs to get to this balcony overhead where there is a rope pulley system with a tin can attached. You put .25 into a candy machine that spits out goat food and then you pour it into the can. As soon as you do, the goat starts biting on the rope to pull the can up where he can eat it. Violet was nonplussed, considering she had just been to the fair with her grandparents and there was a gaggle of chicks eating the goatfood leftovers at our feet.


3 thoughts on ““world famous” goat trick

  1. It said the video was private and wouldn’t let me see it. Is that at the Klesick farm? Do they have a petting zoo? I wanna go see the goat trick!

    What am I asking? We spent all of Saturday petting stinky goats. Sometimes I think I torture myself on purpose:)

  2. melissa says:

    I have seen that goat! His name is Jumpy!! (I have been to that farm to buy pumpkins for the past few years…)
    I think he’s cool! Haha.

  3. splendified says:

    yeah, i spent 50 cents watching a goat eat, and i don’t feel the slightest bit ripped off!

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