The Fat Monkey

Let me explain…

Tonight I had the most amazing dessert I have EVER EVER EVER had in my whole entire life. I do not exaggerate here. It was the most complete perfection of crunchy, chewy, chocolatey, gooey goodness there has ever been.

Here’s a story in pictures.

First, I made unbelievably amazing chocolate chip banana bread.


Next, I took two frozen slices of said bread, and sandwiched cut bananas in between with Nutella on one side and marshmallow cream on the other side.


Then, I dipped the entire sandwich into yellow cake batter until the whole thing was drenched.


After that, I deep fried it.


Here’s what it looked like afterwards:


Yes, there’s more. The whole thing gets covered in melted chocolate.


Then I covered it in toasted coconut and almonds. Here it is after the chocolate set.


Finished! Now, you can do one of two things; you can either go into your kitchen and make one of your own, or you can order one from me and I will make you one. Each large two person serving (shown) will be $10, or you can order a half portion for $5. AJ and I just finished splitting a half-portion (amazing).