of women and childbearing

I just got home from a barbecue and noticed a strange coincidence.  If you get women with small children or babies together, odds are that 75% of them will reference childbirth or labor at one point or another during their visit.

It’s not that they are creatively trying to find sick and twisted methods of population control, it’s just that when such a traumatic incident is still so fresh in your mind everything still relates to it.

“Exactly! Like when I was in labor with…”

or “Speaking of tired, after 17 hours of pushing…”

or (and best yet), “…and now I just can not seem to hold it in! I mean, I seriously have to go to the bathroom before I jump rope if I don’t want to wet my pants…”

I realize that I am very guilty of this, (not the wetting the pants part) but my excuse is that I’m trying to keep the trauma fresh in my mind for future reference. For women, labor stories are like a man’s fishing story of the one that got away. They always get more dramatic with the telling.

Side note: if you are a man, this does in no way give you leave to make less of your wife’s labor story. If you suspect she is exaggerating details, you must only sympathize more.

Other side note: if you are a woman and have never had a baby, I was just kidding about all that stuff–go ahead and have one, I’m sure everything will be just fine.