Here’s my two cents.

Okay, you’re right–it’s always more than two cents by the time I get done. Lucky for you, this is a blog so it’s actually free. yay.

If I could have it my way, people would be writing their autobiographies and self-help books at the beginning of their lives, instead of after they’ve experienced life.

People often joke about issues in life as being the kind of thing that turns out completely different than you first pictured it. You’ve probably heard the saying “Everyone is an expert on parenting until they become a parent.” Why is that? Do you truly discover you were wrong in your first assessment, or is it more a matter of weakening resolve, waning motivation, and less sleep?

Truth be told, everyone loves becoming a sage cynic in some way or another.

“Yeah, I used to think we’d never get in fights over stupid little things and not apologize, but real life is a lot more complicated.”

“I never thought I’d yell at my kid in the grocery store, but you have no idea how mad I was.”

“I always thought I’d live for adventure and my dreams, but I’m too comfortable in the lifestyle I’ve worked so hard for.”

Seriously people, write your book and stick with it. You were right the first time.