Rules for a successful garage sale

  1. Don’t use generic signs, because that’s what everyone else uses and you can’t tell if you’ve already seen that garage sale.
  2. Don’t be a couple of creepy men in the back alley behind your house trying to sell stuff that should just be taken to the dump.
  3. Don’t take up all the parking in your subdivision during the community garage sale by taking your cars out of the garage and parking in the guest spots.
  4. Don’t try convincing me it’s an original or rare. Yes cassette tapes are vintage now–that doesn’t make them worth anything.
  5. Don’t get your arrows mixed up.
  6. Don’t just sell clothes.
  7. Don’t look it up online to see how much it used to be and then tell someone they’re getting a deal at 50% off. That’s called extortion.
  8. Don’t have firm prices.
  9. Don’t sell something you know is broken.
  10. Do sell cold soft drinks and cookies.


Obviously I garage-sale’d today…


One thought on “Rules for a successful garage sale

  1. garagesalefinder says:

    Ah, if only all folks were this honest! I have a great article on my free garage sale listing & mapping site about how to make fabulous garage sale signs at

    (yes, shameless plug, but it’s a good article — and bad signs make me crazy!)

    My mapping & listing site ( was just local (to the Norfolk, Virginia area) last year, but I hired a programmer and took it national in April, now you can list your garage sale for free no matter where you live, and print out maps with google turn-by-turn directions, too.

    I’m also linking my primary site to a wordpress blog at, too.

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