Things of interest pertaining to the events of my day

First things first: Today when I was changing Violet’s diaper, I found a refrigerator magnet in her diaper…that she swallowed. We have a magnetic poetry set where you arrange words and letters to make phrases and Violet swallowed the letter “s”. Needless to say, we are now missing one of our s’s.

Secondly, Violet started legitimately waving today. Before she would raise her hand up in the air your direction in the solemn, reserved sort of way that the Amish might wave. This morning when we got up to drive AJ to work at 4:30, she was in a great mood despite the hour and started doing the opening-closing-hand wave to AJ while he was brushing his teeth. Too freakin’ cute!

Last but not least: one bad thing and one good thing. The bikini stand in Smokey Point started advertising girls wearing pasties. If you don’t know what a pasty is, please don’t google it to find out–it’s basically a glorified band-aid. Who want’s to picket with me and Violet? Good news; an espresso stand on the way to my house advertised this:


Makes me want to buy coffee from them.

side note: the spell check on wordpress is screwed up. It will take part of a word and tell you it is misspelled. Case in point: bikini. Spell check will only underline “kini” and then give me all these ways to correctly spell the word, like  kin, keen, kind, king. Very helpful.


One thought on “Things of interest pertaining to the events of my day

  1. First of all, I just read that magnets are the most dangerous object that a child can swallow. Probably not fridge magnets, but the article said if your baby swallows 2 and they get stuck together they can pinch off a part of their intestine. Seriously, who would have guessed that? But it makes sense.

    I will so picket the espresso stand with you! I hate those! Did you know our state is one of the only ones that even have those around? It’s rediculous!

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