Damn Spam

Seriously. Having a blog I get spam comments all the time. Once, I got a comment from a guy who had a mattress website that he was trying to push, but he legitimately read my post and posted an interesting comment, so I didn’t automatically delete him even though he was marked as spam. That’s a smart spammer for you.

Just now though, I got another spam comment. It read something like this, “Thank you for posting  as I have been thinking about this topic lately. I will definately come back.” At first I was like, “Hey, that’s nice of them” but then I realized that the comment was on a post for a tiramisu recipe.  Really? You’ve been thinking on the topic of tiramisu lately? Riiight. Way to make me feel appreciated.

So don’t tell anyone, but today we tore out the trees the homeowners association planted on our back patio and put up a fence instead. Do you think they’ll notice when everyone sees tree parts in the dumpster? Don’t worry, they were this kind of tree, except uglier (brownish in parts), so no great loss.


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