yay for me

Today was another beautiful day. as in gorgeous. After church and lunch, we went to the park and took turns riding down the slide with Violet.

By the way, remember that whole announcing-a-fake-pregnancy-on-April-1st thing? I still have people asking me. very impressed with that last-minute idea. I’ve never actually done much for April Fools day–except for a few times–they’ve mostly all been in the pop-rocks-under-the-saran-wrapped-toilet-seat category. Just enough to remind the ones I love to always check the dish sprayer before turning on the sink. Last year, AJ and I took pictures of his little sister’s “pride and joy” suv and posted it for sale on craigslist…something about her moving to another country and needing the money quick–cheap sale. I know for a fact that it was quite a hit–not because she told us, for she was very mad–but because the ad got flagged and shortly afterwards someone posted an ad for free labor to anyone needing movers with our phone numbers attached. Of course it sounded preposterous, but that didn’t stop one old man very determined to take advantage of free help to move all his household belongings. Ha! really?  We thought how awesome it would be to help him move just to spite the ad, but…we aren’t actually that nice. sorry mom. besides he sounded a little crazy.

AJ to Violet just now: “Say it, don’t spray it!”


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