play pretend

So I guess most kids experiment with cigarettes in junior high these days. That certainly was true fora couple of my brothers. Of course, keep in mind that we were homeschooled growing up, so their introduction to smoking was really via the private-school boys next door who encouraged the idea of smoking. Don’t freak out Mom, when homeschoolers get introduced to smoking by the goody-goody private-school boys next door, they end up smoking grass. Like yard grass…rolled up in printer paper.  furtively lighting matches in the woods and trying to smoke green grass and bits of tree leaves.

That’ll probably be me someday; catching my child trying to smoke wood chips behind the garage, or making a pretend tattoo with a permanent marker. Children love pretending, experimenting, trying. Just today, Violet was chewing gum…made from some paper she’d stolen from the corner of a page in a book.  She wasn’t swallowing it, just sitting there, chewing and drooling.

AJ is watching boxing online. That is a sport that was invented by a man.


Now AJ is dancing with Violet , and she tired so she’s laughing and crying