An Ode to the Second Day of Spring

Today I bought Violet her first Easter dress. Pink, frilly, girly-girl. On the second day of springtime I bought my sweetie baby, a cute, pink Easter dress that’s frilly…forget the turtle doves.

Today I had some apricot wine. It tasted like the way a perfect summer day should feel. It made me feel like a picnic in a park, out on a lake on a rowboat with a guitar, picking fruit in the shade, wading barefoot, catching fish, long warm evening where the scent of the flowers just linger forever and the frogs all sing in unison. that’s my kind of wine.

Violet is going through a growth-spurt; except this is the kind of growth spurt where she doesn’t sleep through the night= she eats five or six times before “bedtime” is over= her face is getting rounder.

wow. its late.


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