Just…dont tell me

So apparently Jack in the Box decided it would be funny to post the caloric content underneath each food item on the menu. Just kidding–I bet that wasn’t their idea. I haven’t eaten fast food in ages, so its probably not just Jack in the Box doing this, but all the same–this post goes out to Jack.

First off, you should know that a junior bacon cheeseburger has 400 calories, weighing in with one of the lowest counts on the menu. sick sick sick sick! I might have gotten a pomegranate berry smoothie with my order, but the smoothie count said it ranged from like 400-1250 ish. Yowza! Where does this madness end? If I’m so out of options that I’m ordering fast food, do you really think I want someone to kick me while I’mdown? What’s next? Caloric ratings for alcoholic drinks or a running-tally with your drive-through order?

“That’ll be 1350 calories at the next window please”