I’m actually not this stupid…

If you’ve been to Costco, you’ll understand this story. So today I was at Costco buying laundry detergent. When I got to the the self’-checkout line and the product wouldn’t scan for the coupon price, I realized that someone had put a jug of household cleaner in with all the detergent jugs. Identical…except for the words on the label of course. When the closest employee realized my mistake, she yelled back at the manager so she could get an override to delete the item–in front of a line of waiting shoppers.

“Yeah, I guess she thought it was detergent.”

“No, it says it’s cleaner right on the front, but she got confused or something.”

“What? No, she wanted detergent and she thought that this was detergent.”

“No, she doesn’t want it, she wants detergent instead.”

“…because she got confused, and now she wants to exchange it for detergent!”


Thanks Costco employee. Is there a spot where I can not nominate you for employee of the month? Or employee of the anything……


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