i’m going on record

i watch The Bachelor. i said it. Yes, i watch that depraved, animalistic, stone-age version of romance. So shoot me.  I think its fascinating.

There are so many elements of the show that I find to be either proof that it’s rigged, or sometimes I even wonder if they are not all paid actors. Watching the journey of the women, as they immediately fall for the Bachelor and one by one get their hearts broken because the man of their dreams is publicly cheating on them and then dumping them, is an irresistible study in human behavior.  You could write entire books on the psychological environment on that show. Anyway, enough about my dirty secret.

Ok. so you remember that “no backspacing” idea i had at the beginning? turns out–thats not a great idea. lately i’ve noticed that i will start typing something (i type mostly by touch) and realize that my fingers are writing different words than i’m thinking–like completely different! If i didn’t use the “Back Space” button, that last sentence would have looked something like this. would have thrusday definately lotion. see? not good. What is wrong with me?